Kelly's World Famous® TPS - Total Polymer Sealant  - 08oz
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Attention Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Plane and RV Owners!


Yes, you read that correctly. T.P.S. Total Polymer Sealant isn't just a wax - it's a REVOLUTION.

T.P.S. is not a simple wax or polish. It is a high quality polymer formulation containing the active ingredient of the most heat-resistant, non-stick and corrosive resistant substance on the market today.

When applied to your car's finish, its exclusive action melts into the surface - sealing out harmful sun, rain, pollution, salt, detergents and other influences that could destroy the beauty and value of your vehicle.

Even the best waxes that are used on vehicles today will break down and disappear in temperatures of 94 degrees Farenheit. Your vehicles exposed surface can reach temperatures of 140 degrees Farenheit or hotter. For this reason, other waxes and polishes lose their shine and protection in the sun. T.P.S. will withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Farenheit without breaking down. The heat of the sun INCREASES the smooth finish and melts the sealant deeper into the finish for added longevity.

T.P.S. becomes part of your vehicle's finish. The paint on your new (or old) car is sealed away from damaging ultraviolet rays and heat that causes oxidation.

NOTE If you surface is newly painted, wait 30 days before applying. If your car is not brand new. T.P.S. will actually removed the oxidation, renew the color and gloss to your vehicle and stop future oxidation for ONE YEAR.

We recommend you apply T.P.S. Once a year to protect your vehicle from further oxidation.


Approved for use on Fiberglass, Acrylic, Lacquer, Enamel, Metal Flake, Metallic, Chrome and MORE! (not for use on Leather or Vinyl)

Total Polymer Sealant is designed to professionally seal with a hard, mirror-like finish. T.P.S. Has been especially formulated for ease of application T.P.S. removes road film, was and light oxidation.

Our 16 ounce bottle is only $24.99 (that's just six cents a day to keep your car, boat, motorcycle, plane or RV looking BRAND NEW!) Order some today!

Size/Amount: 08oz
Price: $14.99

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