NOW - Golden Flax Seeds (Certified Organic).
  • Certified Organic
  • Ideal for Baking
Flax seeds are one of the oldest foods known to man.  Remnants of
flax seeds were found in an excavation in southeastern Turkey
dating back to early biblical years.  Today, flax seeds are gaining
consumer interest because of their high nutrient content.
Flax oil derived from Golden Flax Seeds is one of the highest
known vegetarian sources of soluble fiber, magnesium, zinc and
linolenic acid (an Omega-3 fatty acid).  The Omega-3 content of
the oil is typically 52%.  Flax seeds also provide protein, mucilage,
phytosterols and plant lignans.
Microbiologically tested for your safety.
Our Golden Flax Seeds are grown on rich soil in North Dakota
and are best suited for baking, especially bread baking.
Serving Size:  about 2 Tbsp (21 g)
Suggested Usage:  Grind your own seeds for the freshest and healthiest
flax meal.  Add to bread mix or hot oatmeal to enhance the fiber and fatty
acid content.
Ingredients:  100% Organic Golden Flax Seeds (Linum usitatissimum).
Caution:  Flax seeds have a bulk forming laxative effect.

Nutritional Info.

Serving Size: about 2 Tbsp (21 g)
Servings Per Container: 

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories   130    
Calories from Fat   80    
Servings Per Container      
Total Fat   9g   14%  
Saturated Fat   1g   5%  
Trans Fat   0 g    
Cholesterol   0mg   0%  
Sodium   8mg   1%  
Total Carbohydrate   8g   3%  
Dietary Fiber   8g   32%  
Sugars   0g    
Protein   4g    
Vitamin A     0%  
Vitamin C     0%  
Calcium     6%  
Iron     15%  
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