In Praise of Kelly's World Famous Eucalyptus OilŪ

"Dear [Kelly's],

"We just bought your oil of Eucalyptus.... My wife and I have been very grateful to have the product available for our various aches and pains and muscle discomforts. I am a retired specialist in Internal Medicine. I feel the spray has been more useful than some of the drugs I have used when I was in practice and there are no side effects. Your advertisement stated: "Stop by and we will spray your aches and pains for free....walk around for 5 minutes. When the pain goes away (and it will) come back and make your purchase." That is exactly what happened. Please send me two more 8 oz. bottles.

"PS: At one time in my career I was an Industrial Physician, and I believe the product would be very useful in the medical or first aid departments in industry."

-- Dr. Kinch, MD

"I tried your [World Famous Eucalyptus Oil] and it has literally changed my life. Because of several back injuries and a major surgery, I had been on three very strong medications for chronic back pain. I had been in therapy for my back, had tried a chiropractor and none of that seemed to help. In 1996 a neurologist put me on the medications. These medications were costing me about $350 every month and a half, and were still not taking care of the pain the way that I hoped that they would. My husband and I drove to Branson from Colorado. Two days of sitting in the car caused me such pain that I could hardly walk by the time we arrived in Branson. We walked across the street from our motel to eat dinner and there was a lady selling your World Famous Eucalyptus Oil in that same building. She could tell by the way I was walking, that I was in a lot of pain and urged me to rub some of the oil on my back. I was very skeptical, but finally agreed to go into the ladies room and rub some on my back. I couldn't believe it. Not 2 minutes after rubbing the oil into my back, the pain was completely gone! At first I thought that it must have been my imagination, so I walked around for awhile. Still no pain! I went back and bought several bottles of the oil to take home with me. I feel and sleep better than I ever did on all of those medications. Having the oil is much more economical, and I no longer have to have my liver checked every three months to see if the medications were destroying my liver! I thank God every day for leading me to that woman that night and I thank God for you, for developing your [Kelly's World Famous Eucalyptus OilŪ].
Sincerely," -- G. Brown, Colorado

"How may I become a supplier for the demand that I envision to be a fast selling product?"-- Robert D. Augusta, GA

"I use it for my arthritis which is bad and product works instantly. The pain is gone. Now I can sleep." -- Ms. Alberta Byers

"I have to admit that I was "Skeptical" when I tried your pain relief "Oil of Eucalyptus" Once I did, the skepticism ended and I enjoyed instant relief from my Tennis Elbow problem which had continued after many other so called remedies that I had tried. I can now recommend your product without any reservation to anyone seeking similar relief from pain. Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous product." -- P. Lemongello

In praise of Essiac

"My husband began using Essiac one week after discovering the tumor. He has multiple myeloma. We are eating much more home-grown foods, less meat, and many more vegetables. He also takes many multiple vitamins per day as well as the powdered juice of green barley. He cut back on caffeine, junk food, and canned goods. My husband takes four ounces of Essiac a day: two in the morning and two at night before bed. At first nothing seemed to be happening. He did note, however, that he felt stronger and had more energy. If he missed a day he could really feel it the next day. The cancer in fact got much worse before it improved. He is on a very potent chemotherapy drug, yet he has had no hair loss, no nausea, no tiredness, no pain, and no more bone deterioration. The doctors are surprised and impressed at his progress. He is surpassing all their expectations." --  M.S.

"I have been using Essiac for both myself and clients for 4 years and have found that it not only has positive results with some cancers, but also as an overall detoxifier tonic for other conditions, to maintain health, stimulate immune responses and prevent illnesses. It seems to help the body eliminate toxic metals as well."  --  K.W.

"I have breast cancer that was diagnosed in February of 1994. I had two partial mastectomies followed by chemo, then radiation. I began taking the Essiac in May. In July, I had a bone scan and liver MRI and they didn't find any cancer in either of these tests. I am taking the Essiac to prevent a recurrence. I have chosen not to take tomoxifen because I don't want any more chemicals in my body. I am trying to rebuild my immune system so that my body can fight off any remaining cancer. Essiac had been suggested to me after my first surgery, but I decided to go the conventional route and opted for chemotherapy and radiation. When I realized that was not totally effective, I began looking for alternatives. One of these alternatives (along with acupuncture and heavy doses of Vitamin E) is Essiac." --  J.H.

"Many years have gone by since I first experienced the use of ESSIAC with my patients who were suffering from many varied forms of cancer. I do know that I have witnessed in my clinic and know of many other cases where ESSIAC was the therapy used, a treatment which brings about restoration through destroying the tumor tissue and improving the mental outlook which re-establishes physological function. I endorse this thereapy even today for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through ESSIAC alone. In my last complete examination, where I was examined throughout the intestinal tract while hospitalized (August, 1989) for a hernia problem, no sign of malignancy was found. Medical documents validate this. I have taken ESSIAC every day since my diagnosis (1984) and my recent examination has give me a clear bill of health." --Charles A. Brusch, M.D. President John F. Kennedy's personal physician